Sunita Hansraj, new member of your Lib Dem team of candidates this May

“If elected I will push for activities for young people and encourage healthy living. I support the community’s aspiration for a pump track. I will identify social activities for the elderly and improve accessibility to them”.

Sunita Hansraj, Lib Dem candidate for District Council

Sunita has lived locally since 2017, having moved to Orchard Park after dedicating her life to working for the NHS. Sunita returned to the Royal Free Hospital during the first pandemic wave to help with the demand on the NHS and she has seen first-hand the critical role that the NHS has played in saving so many lives during that difficult time, often at huge personal sacrifice by key workers. Sunita is passionate about maintaining the quality of service for all through the NHS and is dismayed at the way the Tories are failing to properly resource this treasured national institution.

Boris Johnson’s Conservatives have let this country down, a Liberal Democrat team will work hard together for a fairer, greener society.

Sunita Hansraj, Lib Dem candidate for District Council

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