Martin Cahn, one of your Lib Dem team of candidates this May

“Winning enough seats to gain control of the district council 4 years ago allowed us to promote sustainable energy, biodiversity and access to the countryside.  Recently we supported businesses and communities during the pandemic. If the Conservatives take back control that focus could shift.” 

Martin Cahn, current Lib Dem Councillor for Histon, Impington and Orchard Park

Martin Cahn has lived in Histon for 10 years with his wife Aga and their two sons studied at IVC. Martin has extremely relevant skills and knowledge, being a retired countryside planner and project manager on international sustainable energy projects, working with local authorities in UK and across Europe. Martin is currently one of your team of Lib Dem District Councillors.

Martin has been working very hard with key roles on influential committees as well asworking with the Council leadership to shape change in policy and approach. He is Vice-Chair of the new Climate Change and Environment Advisory Committee which the Lib Dems created and has championed biodiversity and access to countryside. He is a member of the Planning Committee and has helped shape the critically important new draft Local Plan that pushes up standards for all new building developments. He is also member of the Scrutiny and Overview Committee and the Civic Affairs Committee. If re-elected this May, Martin will push for more cultural activity and promoting the District’s European links if re-elected.

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