Martin Cahn


I am a retired countryside planner and project manager on international sustainable energy projects, working with local authorities. My wife Aga and I have lived in Histon for 10 years – our two sons studied at IVC. 

I am currently a Lib Dem District Councillor.  Winning enough seats to gain control of the district council 4 years ago has allowed us to actively promote sustainable energy, biodiversity and access to the countryside.  In addition we have tripled the number of new affordable houses that we have added to our stock each year compared to those provided by the previous Tory administration, including providing some in Impington in 2021.  Recently we supported businesses and communities during the pandemic. If the Conservatives take back control that focus could shift. 

Presenting oneself to be a councillor has now become a family activity. My wife Aga has been an independent member of the Parish Council for 8 years and is standing again this year, while my son Ariel (see below) is standing for the Libdems in Harston and Comberton (almost certainly the youngest candidate in this election)- another member of the South Cambs Libdem team.

If re-elected I would continue activity we started in the last administration to reinstate the District’s support for cultural activity and to promote the District’s European links.