Ros Hathorn

I am the County Councillor for Histon, Impington, Orchard Park and King’s Meadow.

I moved to Impington with my husband in early 2010 by the end of the year twins had joined our household.   My husband and I run a small family business designing and making accessories and homewares.  We radically changed how our business operated after 2010 due to both a shift in the retail environment and having a family. Our business changed from one based entirely around trading at markets to becoming an online retailer.  These different ways of working taught us a lot about business and different ways of engaging with people.  

In 2014 we had a third child.  Having children attending parent and child groups and ultimately starting schools in Histon and Impington lead to an explosion in our engagement in the community and now like many families we have children involved in all sorts of activities at different times and in different places across the villages including Cubs, Scouts and Beavers in Orchard Park. At one time I chaired the PTA at the Histon and Impington Infants school.

Politically I have long been interested in current affairs but the A14 upgrade project and how it impacted upon the villages and Orchard Park lead to me embracing community engagement and ultimately engaging directly with Highways England (now National Highways)  and the District and County Council to fight for better outcomes. I also met a lot of great people locally. Brexit was the catalyst for me to join the Liberal Democrats. 

The thing that motivated me to stand for election was my belief that we are not doing enough to tackle the climate emergency.  Society has become increasingly unequal and challenging and we must look at ways to address those problems.  A new, low carbon way of living can be more fulfilling and fairer and has exciting opportunities which politicians must support, drive and communicate clearly. My terror that my children’s children will have a life radically different from mine, with higher temperatures and less rain, where they won’t be able to cycle up dappled country lanes breathing in the damp, fresh, spring air every April because the climate will be unrecognisable is what makes me tick politically. Contemplating a future where the next generation can’t search for mini bugs because we didn’t address the biodiversity crisis when we could keeps me awake at night.   We must do more and we must act now.