Pippa Heylings, one of your Lib Dem team of candidates for District Council

Pippa Heylings, current Lib Dem District Councillor

“Actions speak louder than words. Not one but two national awards this year for our groundbreaking work in the green transformation of the Council. There is still much to be done. Only through majority control of the Council can we continue this change that is so needed to address the climate and Nature emergencies.”

Pippa Heylings, current Lib Dem District Councillor

Pippa Heylings moved with her family to the village in 2012 and immediately fell in love with its community spirit, joining in many of the local clubs. Pippa has shown herself to be a key community champion working alongside local residents, co-chairing the HI COVID core coordination team and chairing the original meetings to help save Abbey Fields, treasured local green space for the village.

Pippa is currently one of the team of three local Lib Dem Distirct Councillors. By overturning the Tory majority in 2018, the Lib Dems have been running the Council and this has led to real change such as first-ever sanctioning of Highways England for the A14 noise and destruction of the trees at the gateway to the village, as well as improving services such as planning and waste and recycling. Pippa has worked hard with the Council leadership, together with Martin Cahn and Steve Hunt, to help shape the vision and ground-breaking standards of the new draft Local Plan. The Lib Dem administration has already put a stop to the rampant, speculative development that was happening between 2016-2018.

Martin Cahn, Sunita Hansraj and Pippa Heylings, your Lib Dem team of candidates for the local elections in May

If re-elected, Pippa will help drive environmentally sensitive standards in the new Local Plan as well as enabling access to local green space for all, pushing for opportunities for informal placy space for young people including a pump track, and will push for truly affordable housing in the right places for our young people and key workers who are being priced out of the district. Where is the positive vision for giving our young people a chance to live and work in the district? Who can we expect to look after elderly family members, work in our shops and local businesses, staff our GP and dental practices, care for us all in our hospitals and clinics, collect the bins, teach our students, drive world-changing research, be the entrepreneurs of the future etc if they can’t afford to live near to family, work and schools? That is why we are placing major priority in the new Local Plan on providing the right homes in the right places close to high quality public transport, shops and services.

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