Verge-ing on wonderful madness at the Orchard Park BioBlitz

How inspiring to see youngsters in Orchard Park being positively encouraged to find and collect creepy-crawlies of all types in the little verge of meadow grass and flowers outside the Primary School. Off they set, these budding entymologists, with magnifiying glass strips, identification cards, insect pooters and nets. And the parents couldn’t fail to blush with pleasure at their excitement and end up joining in as much for their own interest as for the kids. What better than to be able to bring back miniscule, colourul, horned and multi-legged creatures and actually have them identified and noted down by real-life ecologists from the Wildlife Trust! – because the BioBlitz is a citizen science initiative to record the wildlife in our green spaces around the UK.
What a great initiative by Mandy Haywood of Orchard Park Wildlife Project with the support of the OP Primary School, Wildlife Trust and Lush. Just shows how important even small verges are for wildlife and pollinators (if we don’t mow them constantly), and how we can all be involved in looking after our local green spaces for the good of all. Next BioBlitz in Histon and Impington!! Watch this space.

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