The face of crime is changing…and community connectedness has never been more important

It is National Neighbourhood Watch week and the focus in on Building Safe Neighbourhoods. Crime is changing. Less burglary and car theft being reported (although we do get regular postings around this on HI People). Our police tell us that we are facing new crime challenges which require new methods. Prevention is key and puts focus on strong communities, connectedness and resilience. We are lucky in that regard in Histon & Impington but there is always more we can do. Our new Police Inspector is very keen to help the community strengthen our resilience and happy to talk to groups and work with us. Visit the new webpage to get information on the data, understand the new type of crime challenge & have access to the resources. I think the community facebook pages of ‘HI People’ and ‘Histon and Impington’, together with all the many HI community care, action and sustainability groups, already play a huge role in making us a connected community that cares. Nevertheless, I was really impressed to hear Inspector Paul Rogerson speak about new ways of working and also to hear the police presentation made at the Annual Parish Meeting. There was a strong request made by residents for resuscitating the Neighbourhood Panels and for more PCSOs. At the same time, we can invite the police in to our community groups and learn more about their new approaches. A Working Group has been set up in Orchard Park between the police, Community Council reps, County & District Councillors and Primary School, to focus on community resilience. Follow @N-Watch on Twitter too.

 Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 09.42.50

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