Stagecoach responses to community questions after meeting

This is a directly copied response from a local Stagecoach Director.

There is a note at the bottom about a request bus stop along the busway.

Please accept my sincere apologies for the delay in getting back to you.  Since returning from holiday last week I have been working on the points you raised.

  • I forgot to raise that the number 8 keeps on being delayed in the morning travelling northwards in Impington/ Histon so families using it to get to the Park School at the north of the village are arriving late. Todays 8.29 bus did not arrive until 8.50 so children will be marked late.  Is there anything that can be done about this or do you have any advice for families who want to use this service?

          Looking into this it appears the bus was simply the victim of traffic.  The 8 goes across the A14 flyover and can sometimes get jammed by traffic entering or leaving the junction.  We are currently working on a 

          punctuality action plan for all routes in the city to examine what other measures we can do to aid reliability. Can you please pass on our apologies to the affected families and our absolute commitment that we will do  

         everything within our power to make those journeys as reliable as we can.

  • I would really like to take forward the community champions initiative/ working with the parish council to get more information about services into  bus stops.  I am happy to be contacted about this at any time see phone number below.  A village on the number 8 route was referred to if it’s not Histon and Impington can I have some more information and take this up with Histon and Impington
  • As above for Orchard Park although this is more complicated in Orchard Park as there are a number of busway bus stops

          I will ask Tracey Anne to liase with you to set up a further meeting to discuss this.  The village I could not remember on the night is Rampton and I am working with Cllr Dence from the Parish Council.

  • David said he would get back to us about the possibility of Cambridge North busway buses sometimes detouring and stopping at Orchard Park. So just reminding you about this.

          Our current problem is that we have to use single deckers to operate the full service because of the low bridge at the Addenbrookes end.  We are working on a plan to supplement the service with part workings which 

         would say terminate in town and thus get round the single decker issue.  This won’t be ready though in 2022 but we are aiming to be able to update you on it for early 2023.

  • Would it be possible to get say  one or two  10 second films demonstrating how to use the different apps. I would love to share these with community groups and perhaps the County Council would too.   I have struggled with these apps so just having a helping hand to show what to use and how would be really helpful.

That is a really good idea.  We don t have those films locally but I am asking my colleagues at Group to help with this and will update you when they come back.

Busway request bus stop – response from Busway officer as explained to Ros Hathorn, County Councillor.

As the busway is not a public highway but governed by the health and safety executive unfortunately it is not possible to simply stick up a couple of bus stop signs and call it a bus stop in the way it would be on a road. Any new stop would require full platforms, lighting and so forth. The cost of which when recently calculated was approx £1million. Whilst this is extremely disappointing it reflects the complex nature of the busway infrastructure.

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