Explanation of how road and footpath resurfacing decisions are made

After asking the community for feedback about which roads and footpaths were in poor condition but had not been included in the resurfacing and surface treatments list I sent this information to the County Council. Below is an officer response after a small team including the Deputy Highways Maintenance Manager did a site visit to review the roads and footpaths in question.

[We] have been able to visit the sites raised in order to give an indication as to where they may stand in any capitally funded scheme proposals or any other work streams.

Footways sites:

All of our footways are subject to a walked condition survey on a rolling 4 year programme, which is an objective measure of both the severity and quantity of defects within the footway.  This data has recently been used to assist in the prioritisation of footway slurry sealing works across the County.  The footways have been categorised into 4 priority bandings.  In the 2021-22 financial year, the top priority schemes were addressed, this included the following footways in Histon/Impington

  • Parlour Close
  • Farmstead Close
  • Croft Close
  • Park Avenue
  • Saffron Road
  • Villa Place

For the current, 2022-23 financial year, we are looking to address a significant amount of the second priority schemes.  The provisional list for Histon/Impington contains the following footways. 

  • Merton Road
  • Mill Lane
  • Somerset Road
  • Homefield Close
  • Impington Lane
  • Milton Road

In subsequent years we will look to complete the remainder of the second priority schemes, and make a start on the third priority schemes.  The amount of work to be delivered across the county will be dependant upon the budget available.

The following footways from your list have been assessed as amongst those remaining in the second and third priority scheme list.  These will be further assessed for inclusion in 2023-24 and the following years, again, the amount of treatment we can deliver each year across the county will be dependent upon the budget available.

  • Hereward Close​ ​footways are deemed to be suitable for a slurry sealing treatment.
  • Home Close – these footways are considered too narrow and have irregular/inconsistent back edgings and some of the kerbs are in poor alignment. This is not suitable for a slurry sealing, and so will be assessed against other footways across the County for resurfacing. In the interim, there are some patches that have been marked up that should improve the condition in the short term.
  • Shirley Road ​– these footways are considered too narrow and have irregular/inconsistent back edgings and some of the kerbs are in poor alignment. This is not suitable for a slurry sealing, and so again will be assessed and ranked against other footways across the County for resurfacing. 

Carriageway reports

  • ‘Roads around the college and houses’ (I have assumed this to be New Road?) – this was inspected and whilst it is showing signs of deterioration, especially severe cracking, it is not at a level where we would look to intervene with a full resurfacing.  I would expect the Local Highways Officer to manage the inevitable potholes and patching required here for a number of years.
  • New Road – the section off Cambridge Road (short cul de sac).  I believe this may be something that can be improved with a surface treatment.  I have asked my colleague [Surface Treatments Manager] to review and incorporate into a future programme of works – however, it is most likely that the current years programme has been confirmed already.
  • Home Close – I believe this has deteriorated too far for a surface treatment, but it is not going to be a priority for resurfacing, when ranked against other roads within the County which are a much higher risk.  We will arrange for the Local Highway Officer to visit and arrange for some patching works.
  • Shirley Road – the carriageway is not of a condition to warrant resurfacing.
  • Pepys Terrace – [Deputy Highways Maintenance Manager] is working with his team to see what treatments may be suitable for this road, and can update you further in due course.’


  1. Hi, where is west side of station road between garage and boot in this? I can’t believe it has been ‘walked’ and not even considered!!! It has worn through at least 4 previous surfaces in a haphazard manner and people frequently trip. Did the council assume that when they widened the pavement on the other side we would cross the road twice to use it to get to shops and High Street.?


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