District Council Election 5th May 2022

Sunita, Pippa and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those residents who voted for us last Thursday for the confidence that you have entrusted in us, and indeed to thank all of those who voted last Thursday for the confidence you have entrusted in our local democracy. We would also like to thank in particular all those who stood against us and ran their own campaigns. It takes courage to present yourself for election, and present your own competing visions of local programmes, but it is the essence of local democracy.

We are councillors for all of you, whoever you voted for last Thursday. Please don’t hesitate to contact us about your problems. And please don’t forget to come to the annual Parish Meeting in the Community Room by the recreation ground at 7 pm this evening, 9th May 2022, for information on and discussion about new initiatives by the Parish Council and others.

On a personal level, I would also like to thank the voters of Harston and Comberton Ward for voting for my son Ariel as their representative for that ward and making him the youngest councillor on the District Council. Like Sunita, he will have a steep learning curve over the next few months. I speak from experience.

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