Still scooting along?

In our January report, we mentioned that the rental e-scooter/e-bike trial was due to run until the end of March, after which there would be a consultation that would help inform central Government decision-making on future of such vehicles. We encouraged people to submit their comments.

I was therefore a bit surprised to see that they were still for hire in April, and proved it by taking one for a ride along the busway path.

On the Combined Authority website (under whose auspices the trial is being done) it now says that the trial has been extended again – this time until November 2022. This decision was apparently taken at a CA board meeting on 30th March, at the request of the Department for Transport. Apparently, too, the CA is looking at extending the trial to market towns such as Ely, St Ives, Huntingdon, Wisbech, March and St Neots. 

I’m not against the scheme in principle but I do find this approach running the trial rather haphazard. The original trial period was supposed to end in October 2021, and had already been extended once. Moreover there is no sign of a formal consultation (apart from a reference to the general CA inquiries email address).

As ever we would be interested to hear your views on the scheme.

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