It’s what councillors do

As county and district councillors my colleagues and I get involved in all manner of mundane stuff involving bins, buses, potholes, planning applications and schools etc and we can be fairly relaxed about sharing details about this on our blog.

However sometimes we have sensitive work to do and that maybe more important because it impacts on the lives of people who need a little extra support.

We can’t talk about this work except in the most vague terms. One such case happened earlier this year. This is all we can say about it but it’s an example of ‘what we do’.


January is not a great time to find yourself homeless and abandoned by the father of your child but that’s what happened to one young mother recently. Fortunately councillors and officers from Orchard Park Community Council, South Cambs District Council and the County Council worked together to come up with a solution. District Councillor Martin Cahn comments: ‘I can’t provide any detail but this has been a great example of cross council team work. The local community also pitched in to help this small family to re-establish itself. Much of this work was done over one weekend. It was a good result’.


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