Food Banks in Histon and Orchard Park

Steve with Wakas, the manager at One Stop

The Chairman of South Cambridgeshire District Council has chosen to support the foodbank charity The Trussell Trust in 2018/19.  As his colleagues on the council, we are giving this very worthy cause our wholehearted support.

During the school holidays, the Trust’s work is more important than ever as needy children no longer benefit from a free school lunch, and their parents may struggle to provide an alternative, a situation which can continue into the new term.

Co-op food collection point

Therefore, we have asked some local grocers whether they would be so kind as to host food bank collection points.  I’m delighted to say that both the One Stop in Orchard Park and the Co-op in Histon have agreed to do this, and their collection baskets are available to use from today.

If you can afford to help, please would you consider buying an item or two extra with your weekly shop and put it into the collection basket for the Trust to distribute?  There is a list of suggested items displayed at the collection point.  But it’s common sense really: nothing perishable.
We will arrange for donations to be collected as the baskets fill up and take them to the central depot, where they make up food parcels for distribution to those in need.  Thank you for supporting this initiative.

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