Great new busway prices, improved service but use it or you’ll lose it!

The busway are responding to customers requests in an effort to improve service.

Improved frequency 4 buses have been added to the service which means as of 6 June

-a daytime buses every 10 minutes and a 30 minute evening service Monday to Saturday

-a 30 minute service on Sundays all day.

Great new tickets these prices are for the Cambridge Town zone out as far as Northstowe

Flexi travel from £2.94 a day with Cambridge Flexi tickets when you buy a book of 10 on the Stagecoach app valid until end 2022.

Youth under 19s and students with valid IDs can get 33% off travel.

Group Day rider tickets – perfect for families

Small Group 1 adult plus 2-3 young people (5-18) travel for £6.20 (a saving of £2.40)

Large Group any 5 passengers £8.40 (£1.68 per passenger) a saving of £4.60

…..but this really is a case of use it or lose it. Passenger levels are still 20% below where they were pre-pandemic. These fares are trying to stimulate usage.

This is now such an affordable way to travel into Cambridge as a family, far cheaper than driving and the service is really good. If we don’t use buses the service may fall off a cliff. That’s not a threat, government support stops in the autumn and if the economics don’t work services will be reduced. The way to combat this is to use the bus.

Public transport is a key part of how we reach net zero so if you’re concerned about the climate emergency please do support local services now.

I travelled by bus this week with 3 kids and thought the fare was a mistake which was not helped by a confusing ticket. It’s not a mistake, these are the new fares. They are far cheaper than driving and there were loads of buses to get home on we just missed one and the next one arrived almost immediately.

As a councillor I have raised the confusing ticket and the challenges I have had finding these prices online including the app. I can also organise a community meeting if there is demand.

nb. It’s not the best photo, sorry. I’m gradually building up my library at least there’s a bus and it’s the busway.

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