I’m backing Sunita (& Martin and Pippa!)

Four years have flown by since the people of Histon, Impington and Orchard Park did me the honour of electing me as a District Councillor. It has been a fascinating and varied role, and I am very glad I did it. I feel I’ve made a difference: helping to shape South Cambs policies, being active in some of the key committees, helping people with their casework, and being part of the South Cambs Covid-19 response. It’s been particularly satisfying to be in a great team of like-minded councillors with Pippa, Martin, David and Ros.

I have taken the decision to not stand again, due to family commitments and an increasing workload in my day job. Of course, it’s vital that I leave the ward in good hands, so I’m delighted that Sunita Hansraj is joining Pippa and Martin on the Lib Dem slate for the election in May.

New Lib Dem candidate Sunita Hansraj

Sunita has lived in the area for several years. She has devoted her career to nursing in the NHS, and served as a vaccinator during the pandemic. She has a very strong sense of community and will be a fine local representative and advocate.

I will be spending the next month working hard to help Sunita get elected, and Pippa and Martin re-elected. Please join me in voting for them on May 5th.

Cllr Steve Hunt

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