Planned Highways Works 2022/2023

The planned Highways works for Histon, Impington & Orchard Park in financial year 2022/23 are as below.

I had hoped to provide some explanation of the pot hole/ reactive maintenance scheme which relates to pot holes (which I know is the technical detail everyone gets excited about) but that immediately got far more complicated when I referred to the source document the Highways Operational Standards for Cambridgeshire so I will publish that later after confirming some details with council officers.

Planned Highways Works Histon, Impington & Orchard Park in financial year 2022/23 are as below

Carriageway Resurfacing* – 6 schemes across South Cambridgeshire

B1049 Impington Cambridge Road Roundabout/interchange Carriageway resurfacing £ 322,000

Surface Treatment Schemes, intended to prolong the operational life of a stretch of road so that it doesn’t end up full of pot holes – 37 schemes across South Cambridgeshire

Impington Burrough Field Cambridge Road to end Micro Asphalt

Histon Melvin Way Park Lane to end Micro Asphalt

Histon Narrow Lane No 48 to No 59 Micro Asphalt

Histon Park Avenue Park Lane to Somerset Road Micro Asphalt

Impington The Coppice Cambridge Road to end

Footway Slurry Treatment – as above intended to prolong the operational life of the pathway out of 49 schemes across South Cambridgeshire

Histon Merton Road Slurry Sealing

Histon Mill Lane Slurry Sealing

Histon Somerset Road Slurry Sealing

Impington Homefield Close Slurry Sealing

Impington Impington Lane Slurry Sealing

Impington Milton Road Slurry Sealing

This is the page where this information should be uploaded but the County Council website is notoriously slow to update important information.

*I know myself and a number of residents have raised the appalling surface of the A14 junction 32 roundabout so it is good to see this being included for resurfacing.


  1. I notice that the Pavements in Home close are not included in wife tripped on these pavements badly scraping her hands and knees,3days later myself and a neighbour helped an elderly lady who had tripped and couldn’t get up.I took her home and waiting till a relative turned up.


  2. Hi Ross… I was under the impression that Pepys Terrace was going to get a micro layer on the road soon, following my meeting with Offices from County Highways and their Contractor last Autumn. Could you check please? Thank you….Cedric


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