It’s leaflet season

a boot full of Focus leaflets ready to go to deliverers

There’s a bumper crop of local elections coming in May and that means leaflets. An amazing team of Lib Dem volunteers will be busy writing, bundling, distributing and delivering them. You will receive several between now and May 6th. I’m not going to apologise for that, but I will try to answer two common questions.

“Why do you send us so many?”

The reason is simply that it works. Paper leaflets are the only way we have to communicate with the whole electorate. Unlike certain other parties, we don’t have the help of compliant mainstream media outlets to propagate and reinforce our messaging. Research has been done to find the optimum number of leaflets. We try to spread them out fairly evenly but one occasion when you may get two on the same day is if a canvasser calls on you. They have to give you a canvass leaflet if they speak with you, because it contains our data privacy statement. And we also post a canvass leaflet if no-one is in, because we believe it’s important that people know we care enough to come and listen to their views in person.

“How can you be a party for the environment but deliver all this paper?”

We can only enact policies that protect the environment by first winning elections, and we can only win elections by telling people who we are, what we stand for and what our policies are. We work hard to minimise the environmental impact of our leaflets. The Focuses shown in the photo are printed by a firm that has done a great deal to reduce carbon emissions and use safe chemicals, and has won awards as a sustainable print supplier. And naturally they are printed on FSC certified paper.

If you support our values and can spare a few hours between now and election day, please consider becoming part of our wonderful team of volunteers and help to get our message out there! You don’t need to be a party member to help out!

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