Not good enough @pxfarms

It’s the time of the sugar beet harvest and we know what that means. It means slow moving traffic as loads of sugar beet are moved around the county from field to storage. That’s what happens every year and if you’re on the road at the same time you’ve got to resign yourself to longer journey times.

However what you shouldn’t have to resign yourself to is the mess that’s caused as vehicles carry mud and stones with them onto the highway. The operators should either clean their vehicles before they leave the field or clean up after them as they’ve messed up the road. Some do, some don’t.

PX Farms appears to be harvesting sugar beet at two locations locally: one off Park Lane and one on the B1049. They’re making a mess at both places but following my prompting it did at least get a sweeper out along Park Lane on Friday afternoon.

Sadly it’s not enough. PX Farms is not cleaning the road as often as it should and the result is a layer of mud being laid down and stones embedded in it.

The result is dangerous. Motorcyclists and cyclists can easily skid and stones thrown up by vehicles on the road can hit and injure pedestrians and other road users. Furthermore car and an drivers find their tyres damaged and paintwork chipped. Everybody suffers.

It’s not good enough PX Farms. You do not own the roads, you use them. You owe it to other road users to keep them clean.

Final note: I was critical of PX Farms behaviour along Gatehouse Road last year. It didn’t like that and blocked me on Twitter. I don’t know why it should feel that it’s beyond criticism.

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  1. I fully agree, David. The vehicles have also messed up the footpaths in the green area off Park Lane where many people go for walks.


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