Why are they so secretive?

I have seen two documents relating to the legal advice which the Council, specifically the C&I Com, has been waiting for since September of last year.

The documents address two issues:

1 whether or not it’s appropriate for the Council to nominate non-exec directors (Officers or Members) and how they might fulfill the potentially conflicting duties of representing both CCC and This Land at the same time; and

2 whether or not a nominated Member non-exec should continue to sit as such if he/she is the subject of an audit com investigation.

There’s nothing contentious about any of the ‘advice’ as far as I can see and I don’t understand why they need to be confidential.

The only reason for keeping it confidential would appear to be that the council may wish to ignore the advice without good reason in which case it might prefer to keep such action secret.

So: why are they so secretive?

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