Careful how you go @pxfarms

2019-11-23 09.01.54For the last couple of weeks users of the shared use footpath/cycleway on Gatehouse Road have suffered the inconvenience of having to circumnavigate on or more big (I mean big) PX Farms trucks loading up with sugar beet. It’s the first year this has happened because previously the farmer has been growing rape.

PX Farms has been blocking the path without signposting any alternative and it’s been parking heavy trucks on it for which they have not been designed. Will it pay for the repairs when they become due?

When I cycled past the operation there was a sort of detour between the truck and the hedge and the operator did stop loading as I went by. And later last week the truck was parked on the road and not the path which is the way it should be.

Next year PX Farms, if you’re growing sugar beet again, please always park on the road. It does not obstruct the road any more than if you parked on the footpath/cycleway and it leaves this open for the people who need to use it.

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