On the march …

Was I or wasn’t I? On the march that is. No I wasn’t but let’s say I empathise, with reservations.

The march was a road closure (Station Road in Histon) under the banner of Extinction Rebellion which gave school children the opportunity to cycle and walk safely along the road between the Infants and Junior schools.

The Extinction Rebellion poster advertising the event talked of it being ‘reclaim the streets – Histon’ to ‘let families travel to the Infants’ school by foot or pedal’. And that’s what puzzled me. Extinction Rebellion is making a big fuss about the climate emergency and need for the government to ‘tell the truth’, ‘act now’ and go ‘beyond politics’. That’s a big issue and I’m largely with them on that. But this event seemed to be about the school run problems on Station Road and that’s another issue and big locally. So why confuse them?

So: issue number 1 the climate emergency. By all means demonstrate but please don’t hijack a local issue and don’t run it with outsiders. It would have been more effective in publicising issue number 1 if Extinction Rebellion would have blocked the High Street!

Issue number 2 can be sorted out within the community by getting Parish Council support for changes to traffic flows on Station Road. A time limited TRO has been suggested but that would need enforcing. I’d prefer making the road one way southbound* maybe just between Dwyer Joyce Close and West Road (with appropriate street furniture). Ideas for alternatives gratefully received.

*I have gotten a little confused between north and southbound. I mean southbound. The previous ‘experiment’ was effectively one way northbound.

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