Busway closure

The Busway will close for two weeks from this midnight Friday (21 Jun 19). It should reopen 0500 on Monday 8 Jul 19. This will enable work to take place on the A14 which goes over it just before the Orchard Park turn off heading south.

This will mean that all buses southbound will come off the Busway at Histon and turn right. They will pick up passengers at the regular bus stop just past the Station Stores and then head off over the A14 using the B1049.

The B and P services will then continue along Histon Road. All other services will turn left into King’s Hedges Road and use the link through Orchard Park to rejoin the Busway.

Northbound services will follow the same routes but in the other direction.

The Busway will close again midnight 25 Jul 14 and is scheduled to reopen 0500 Wednesday 4 Sep19. However the A14 people have assured me that work will be completed 31 Aug 19 which will enable a planned Histon & Impington family cycle event to take place on Sunday 1 Sep 19.

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