We done well!

EU election resultLots of conclusions to which to jump following Thursday’s EU elections in the UK but staying close to home first it’s clear to see that (1) the Lib Dems did well in South Cambs, and (2) ‘remain’ parties in total did well with a total of 60% of the vote. Add in a few residual Labour and Tory remain voters and it confirms that South Cambs is remainer territory.

My big question though is where on earth do you find the 24% Brexit voters? I don’t think they’re in Histon & Impington and Orchard Park.

Nationally the Brexit party, or to be more accurate the rebranded UKIP, must have sucked lots of votes from the Tories and some from Labour but its success in no way speaks of a country which is solidly behind it. In fact the analysis below from the BBC suggests that the country is seriously divided with a small but significant majority being anti-brexit.


I don’t have any data for the specific vote in Histon & Impington but I’m sure it was as good as and probably better than the overall South Cambs result. So two big thank yous. Firstly to the people who voted that way and secondly to the Lib Dem team that got the message out and persuaded people to put their trust in us by voting Lib Dem.

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