Council boosts green credentials by installing panels at waste depot

Screen Shot 2019-02-15 at 12.43.13

On the day that some IVC students took to the streets in Cambridge on the Youth4ClimateStrike – with the support of the College and their parents – to demand more action from politicians and government, it was good to be out at Waterbeach where we are installing solar PV panels to generate clean, free energy for the Waste Depot. We are working fast to get these up and running before the government Feed-In Tariff is removed at the end of March this year. That way, not only do we cut energy costs but the panels will pay for themselves in 8 years and, after that, will generate much-needed revenue for the Council. A No-Brainer. Something that should have happened ages ago. Instead of accelerating actions on climate change, politicians have been stalling. Just like a car with an idling engine that spews out deadly fumes, stalling on climate action will lead to terrible consequences. That is why we have committed to being Green to the Core at South Cambs District Council. Hearing students’ concerns just makes us get up out of bed ever more committed to do more to achieve our new Zero Carbon by 2050 target.


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