It’s time to show leadership Ms Frazer

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I’ve written to our MP as follows. I have met her twice and the second time she did say that she knew who I was so I feel justified to address her with some familiarity. Click here for a pdf of the actual letter

Dear Lucy

I am writing to you because I am very worried about what might happen in 2019 with respect to our country’s membership of the European Union. It’s time for our elected representatives in Parliament to show leadership and to do so in a manner which reflects recent events, the situation today and the prospects for this country as the future unfurls.

I am not asking you to take a visible Remain/Leave position. I am asking you to show leadership.

I am asking you to say:

‘52% of those who voted in the EU referendum did so in favour of leaving. That’s why the Government has been doing its best to find a way to negotiate a deal with the EU which would (a) reflect the outcome of the referendum, and (b) provide a basis for the United Kingdom to be successful as a sovereign nation outside the EU.

The government has done its best but honestly I am worried that what we will end up with is an outcome which will make us poorer as a country and reduce our standing in the world. I am worried that many people who voted ‘leave’ did not expect that this would be the result.

That’s why I am calling for a second referendum. It should simply ask ‘This is the deal. Do you want it?’. If the result is a ‘yes’ then that’s it. We will have an EU exit deal which the electorate is willing to live with and we go with it. If it’s a ’no’ we stay.’

I know that you are getting lots of letters and emails on this subject. However if you have the time I’d be delighted if you could reply. Maybe you could even give me a call.

Yours sincerely


David Jenkins.

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