Unanimous approval for Motion for Zero Carbon by 2050

Image from iOS

We are facing a Climate and Health Emergency that is affecting us all here and now in the UK. That’s why I’m so relieved that Full Council at South Cambs unanimously supported my Motion for a Zero Carbon by 2050 target. It’s critical to have cross-party support for such important issues so it was great to have the motion seconded by the Leader of the Opposition. Click here for 3 -min video of my motion on facebook: Zero Carbon by 2050

How can Local Authorities make a difference?  Cambridgeshire has the fastest growing economy in the UK which means huge growth in carbon-emitting sectors such as housing and construction (40% UK emission), energy use in homes (25% UK emissions) and transport infrastructure (the A14 Cambridge to Huntingdon scheme will generate 5.4 million tonnes of CO2 that need to be compensated). As a Planning Authority, we have influence. This doesn’t mean stopping development in these key sectors – this can be a win-win situation – but it does mean making tough decision. It means harnessing new technologies, green energy, electrifying transport, improving waste & recycling, and ensuring we have green spaces for clean water, reducing flood risk and to reduce air pollution. So, our joint Local Plan with City needs to ensure well-designed homes that are well-placed with EV charging and low carbon transport options, and we need to set standards for construction, energy efficiency and renewable energy generation .

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