How green is our gas?

I hadn’t realised that for 5 years now there’s been a plant producing biomethane in Chittering on the A14. Although normally you think of Chittering as being a part of the Waterbeach division of Cambridgeshire this plant is just over the border in East Cambs.

The plant runs on biological waste, early publicity talked of waste from leeks, onions and maize production, and produces methane which is fed into the national grid. Provided that it is using waste and not prime crop production, and that it’s not using too much expensive diesel to transport it to Chittering it would seem to be a good thing.

The plant now is operated by Barrow Green Gas, click here to go to its web-site, which is the biggest supplier of ‘green gas’ in the UK and claims that the UK is now using enough green gas to supply over 80,000 homes.

This gas gets shipped around the UK on the gas network which is managed by Cadent which is the new name for  National Grid Gas Distribution Ltd which was sold by British Gas in 2017. Click here for the Cadent website.

Anyway: the reason for writing this post and for the rather long introduction is to tell you that Cadent has just told me that it will be installing a green gas monitoring cabinet at the junction of Cottenham Road and Glebe Way in order to gather data to help it to understand how green gas flows round the network. It will be installed during July 2018 and will be used to monitor gas flows over a 12 month period.

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