Histon Road: good but not excellent

Histon Road photo-page-001The Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) has published its ideas for better bus movements, cycling and walking along Histon Road.

There’s much that’s good in its ideas. Although they do little for bus travel, there’s just a limited bus lane inbound to Cambridge, the cycle lanes are much improved.

The ideas are being shared through a series of consultation events, the first was in Histon this week and others are planned, and can be viewed online. Click here to go there.

Where the proposal fails to deliver is in its ideas for the cycle run down from the A14 to King’s Hedges Road and the Victoria Road/Histon Road/Huntingdon Road junction.

The cycle run is dangerous. It expects cyclists to cycle safely between two swiftly moving lanes of traffic with movement from one to the other. The only improvement offered is to widen the lane. I would suggest that it be moved to the left of both lanes with an engineered crossing point at the King’s Hedges Road junction.

The idea for the Victoria Road junction is unimaginative and does little. I’ve seen a bolder proposal and I think this should also be tested with the public.

As I said: good but not excellent. Please attend an event or go online to share your opinions

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